No More Overthinking

Attention all first time adults! If you’re feeling lost and confused about adulting, don’t worry...this book has got you covered!

52% of young adults 16 - 24

feel unprepared

for the challenges of adulthood, underlining the necessity for comprehensive support and guidance during this critical transition

According to a survey conducted the American Psychological Association in 2022

This isn’t just a book...

it’s your guide to navigating the transition into adulthood with confidence. From how to live independently to career development; relationships to real financial planning and so much more!

A Peek Inside The Book

"The First Time Adult™" serves as a roadmap, covering essential life skills and topics crucial for a successful transition into adulthood.

  • Detailed information, tips and resources for 13 life areas
  • Inspirational messages
  • Checklists and workbook
  • Links to more resources
  • A bonus section to be shared with loved ones

this book goes beyond Theoretical advice

by providing you with actionable insights and a workbook-style appendix to actively plan and strategize different aspects of your life based on the book's teachings.

Here are some of the life areas covered:

Career Development

Learn how to choose a job that is in alignment with your skills and goals.


Learn about the process of renting an apartment and what alternative housing options are available to you.

Financial Planning and Management

Learn essential financial information, from budgeting to planning for your future to create a solid foundation.


Learn how to buy and maintain a car. Along with how to navigate other transportation solutions.


Learn about the complex world of insurance and understanding how and why its important for financial security.

Time Management and Productivity

Learn the importance time management and productivity so that you can create a balanced life.

Meals & Groceries

Learn practical knowledge about meal planning, grocery shopping, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Self-Care Health & Wellness

Learn how and why you need to prioritize self-care and wellness with actionable steps to create a healthy lifestyle.

beyond survival the first time adult aims to instill confidence in young adults

helping you face challenges head-on and make informed decisions that align with your goals and values.

Who Is This Book For?

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Young Adults (16-24 years old)

  • This book is packed with actionable steps, The First Time Adult™ and detailed information, making it an essential guide for young adults navigating the transition into adulthood.
  • Whether you're a college student or recent high school graduate, this guidebook offers a comprehensive roadmap to success in various aspects of life, ensuring you thrive in your new journey.
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Parents of Young Adults

  • For parents of 16-24 year-olds, The First Time Adult™ is the perfect gift to empower your child as they enter adulthood, covering essential topics you may find challenging to teach.
  • This guide helps parents ensure their child is well-equipped to rent an apartment, manage finances, build healthy habits, and successfully transition into the next phase of life.
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Educators/Advocates Working with Young Adults

  • The First Time Adult™ serves as a valuable resource for educators and advocates working with young adults, offering insights and guidance on crucial life skills beyond academic learning.
  • As a go-to guide for anyone entering adulthood, this book equips educators and advocates with tools to support young adults in navigating challenges and thriving in their new journey.


Beyond the pages of the book, "The First Time Adult™" is a movement that emphasizes the importance of community.

It encourages open conversations, shared experiences, and mutual support among young adults navigating similar journeys.

Promoting a Culture of Lifelong Learning

The movement recognizes that the journey into adulthood is continuous, and through ongoing education, individuals can adapt to the evolving challenges and opportunities life presents.

Aiming for Social Impact

Beyond personal development, "The First Time Adult™" Movement encourages civic engagement, social responsibility, and a sense of collective responsibility for shaping a positive and supportive environment for everyone entering adulthood.

What You’ll Get From Pre-Ordering Today?

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  • Autographed Copy: receive a signed copy by the author, when you place your pre-order


The First Time Adult™ will be released by Fall 2024

Don't miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience. Pre-order now, and let the countdown to knowledge, preparation and empowerment begin!

building futures,

one adult at a time

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